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Our website is always evolving and exciting publications are planned for this year. Recently published, Mistress of the Temple, a novel about the remarkable life of Dorothy Eady (aka Omm Sety) who believed she was the reincarnation of Bentreshy, an Egyptian priestess who lived in 1300 BC, in the sacred city of Abydos.

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A novel based on the remarkable true story...Omm Sety's search for her ancient identity...An imaginative fusion of fact and fiction, interweaving the past and present into an enriching novel about love, memory, and the enduring power of ancient Egypt...


Harp of Joy Harp of Joy is the captivating sequel to Yvonne Harlech's first novel, Mistress of the Temple, and follows Omm Sety as she tries to connect past and present in a moving quest to uncover the truth about King Sety and Bentreshy, the temple priestess....The novel brings to a striking resolution Omm Sety's search for her ancient identity and the man she loved 3200 years ago. To order a limited signed copy, email us at: hathormail@hathorpress.co.uk


Our special section on Abydos explores the beautiful Temple of Seti I and the Osirion, where Osiris was buried and rose from the dead to rule as the god of the Underworld. Trace the footsteps of King Seti I, Bentreshy and the priestesses of Isis, and wander around the Mountain of Offerings, the gateway to Eternity. Discover how the ancients once worshipped in the temple and entered another dimension through ritual and meditation.

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