Omm Sety was a modern day priestess who worshipped in the temple at Abydos and communed with King Sety in her dreams. As the first woman to be employed by the Egyptian Antiquities Department, she also spent her life restoring the ancient artefacts and preserving the temple for posterity.

Omm Sety Omm Sety after fall

Her book, Abydos: Holy City of Ancient Egypt, is a thoroughly researched and entertaining account of Abydos’ epic history and a testament to her contribution to Egyptology. Her mystical connection with the temple was well-documented by her close friend Hanni el Zeini, and her biographer Jonathan Cott in the book, The Search for Omm Sety.

Omm Sety’s memory lives on in Abydos and her influence in the village is still felt even 30 years after her death. She is an inspiration to the many visitors who come to the temple and retrace her footsteps.